ALLIANCE EQUINE - Alliance Reproduction

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ALLIANCE EQUINE - Alliance Reproduction
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Alliance Reproduction

Allows the mare to replenish her mineral reserves during gestation and lactation.

Used in stallions, this supplement improves their fertility throughout the breeding season and helps them to stay in shape.

1- Mineral developed on a cereal core. Organic minerals and trace elements available (chelated): Better assimilation and less rejection

2- Calcium pidolate

  • Source of highly assimilable calcium
  • Strengthens the skeleton and supporting tissues
  • Improved assimilation of calcium by the body

3- High-quality amino acids in balanced proportions Facilitate collagen production for bone construction

4- Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM: Improved mobility and reduced joint and tendon inflammation

5- Pre-biotics (FOS) and yeast: Better assimilation and protection of the intestinal flora

Application advice: 

  • For a mare of 500 Kg:
  • Gestation: 50 g/day
  • Lactation: 75 g/day
  • The doses can be doubled, if necessary, over a period of ten days, up to a limit of 115 g/day for the lactating mare. (One dose = 50g)

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AN EXPERT AND PASSIONATE COMPANY: laboratory dedicated to Equine Health, manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements and care products, based on high quality raw materials of natural origin

ALLIANCE EQUINE STRENGTHENS ITS IMAGE: As a subsidiary of a leading group in animal phytotherapy in Europe, the Alliance Equine laboratory benefits from constant research on the performance and extraction of plants. Our latest scientific advances, allow us to implement the best synergies of natural active ingredients, for optimal effectiveness.

ALLIANCE EQUINE, DYNAMIC AND COMMITTED MEN: Driven by its passion and its 30 years of experience, Alliance Equine shares its knowledge by placing the customer and the horse at the heart of its concerns.

ALLIANCE EQUINE, A QUALITY APPROACH: The compliance and safety of our products meet the European and International legislation put in place to ensure a 100% satisfied customer.

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