ROFLEXS - Park posts with integrated tape reel RoFlexs premium (pack de 4)

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ROFLEXS - Park posts with integrated tape reel RoFlexs premium (pack de 4)
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Scope of delivery
1 x RoFlexs premium E 145 stations
3 x RoFlexs premium 145 stations
2 x RoFlexs premium E magnetic key
1 x RoFlexs Keychain
1 x RoFlexs premium E 145 Battery
Mobile charger 1 x RoFlexs premium E

Height: 145 cm
Fence strip levels: approx. 65 cm and 115 cm above ground level
Fence strip length: 7.5 m
Paddock size: up to 55 m²
Weight: 15.9 kg


Top quality with integrated power supply:
The RoFlexs premium E.
Our flagship product is the RoFlexs premium E with full equipment. Maximum durability and fully integrated power supply.
Extremely safe.

    Especially safe hats through the integrated power unit with 3200 volts
    Punctured fuse protects horse injuries
    Large 20 mm visible band
    Integrated protection to prevent bypassing on the aluminium pole
    High security

Extremely robust.

    Reinforced anodised aluminium profile,
    Stronger, UV-stable fence tape
    High quality plastic parts, weatherproof
    Stable galvanized form peak,
    2 year manufacturer's warranty
    5 year warranty on the springs

Extremely flexible.

    Versatile assembly options
    Assembly and disassembly in less than 3 minutes
    7.5 x 7.5 m belt length per station
    Weight: 3.6 kg (145 )
    Height of RoFlexs premium E 145 from 65 cm and 115 cm above ground level


Due to the size of the RoFlexs park posts, they are shipped by carrier


Data sheet

The Roflexs GmbH has been founded by managing director Torsten Menzel in 2007. Since then, three product lines have been developed and precious awards have been gained. By now, the fence systems by RoFlexs and WeideFix are among the most practical quick fence systems because of their speed, flexibility and reliability!

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