BACK ON TRACK - Equine Tendon Boots, AirFlow

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BACK ON TRACK -  Equine Tendon Boots, AirFlow
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Equine Tendon Boots, AirFlow

Back on Track® Tendon Boots, AirFlow have shockproof material around the back of the tendon to minimise the effect of impact. So, by incorporating the unique Welltex™ material lining, not only do they deliver soothing, but FAR infrared therapy also to enhance blood circulation and support sinews & joints, they offer essential protection for the foreleg’s tendons (which is particularly important during high energy activities, such as show jumping, for example. The AirFlow 3D Mesh technology offers breathability and strength, together with innovative, perforated shock-absorbing foam. With vented air holes around the boots and Velcro fastenings, their anatomical shape provides comfort, shielding, a good hold and an individual fit. Sold in pairs.

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back on track

Discover Back on Track, Swedish technology for equine well-being. Back on Track, the innovative Swedish brand, is recognized worldwide for its revolutionary equestrian equipment. Thanks to its cutting-edge Welltex technology, Back on Track offers therapeutic solutions to effectively relieve muscle and joint pain in horses and riders alike.

The Welltex secret lies in an ingenious combination of traditional Chinese therapeutic practices and modern textile manufacturing processes. Inspired by ancient practices using minerals to reflect heat and relieve inflammation, the brand has integrated mineral particles directly into fabric fibers. This integration enables Back on Track products to produce soothing infrared radiation when they come into contact with the body heat of the horse or rider.

Back on Track equipment is completely safe and doping-free, making it suitable for use in competition without restriction. The Back on Track range offers a variety of products using Welltex technology, from gaiters and fetlocks to saddle pads, horse hats, shirts and blankets, girths, stable boots, bells, bandages, as well as riding accessories and textiles for riders, such as helmets, socks, jackets, knee pads and headbands. Whatever your equestrian discipline, whether show jumping, dressage or hunter, Back on Track has products to suit your needs.

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