EQUI-BRIDE: Heart rate monitor and connected objects

Heart rate monitor and connected objects

The Polar Equin heart rate monitor is the safest and most effective way to measure your horse's training. Why measure your horse's heart rate? You can train your horse just by calculating its rhythm. But did you know that there are other more effective ways to take your training to a whole new level? Measuring your horse's heart rate gives you a real competitive edge. By tracking and analyzing heart rate along with speed and distance, you can get to know your horse better and train him to stay healthy and perform at his best. Whether horses are used for practical purposes, recreational activities or competitive sports, measuring a horse's heart rate offers many benefits to horses and their owners alike. With the Polar heart rate monitor, you can tailor each activity session to the appropriate intensity level, which is the most important and effective ingredient in a training program. It's easy to monitor heart rate, without it bothering the horses. This is the best way to keep them happy and healthy, and to ensure that they also get the most out of their exercise.

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