REKOR - E Plus Solution

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REKOR - E Plus Solution
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E PLUS Solution

This food supplement combines the anti-oxidant effect of Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Selenium with Lysine, an essential amino acid, and a concentrated extract of Ginseng.
Ginseng has a tonic action. It increases physical performance and allows a better adaptation of the body to the effort.
Vitamin E is a very important anti-oxidant which :
- promotes muscular integrity and rapid recovery during intense work in racehorses and sports horses.
- reduces the risk of muscle contractions (cramps).
- is recommended in the aftermath of muscle diseases ('myositis', 'blood stroke'...)
The action of vitamin E is reinforced by the presence of selenium and vitamin C.
Lysine, an essential amino acid, is essential for muscle growth and development.
Horses' diets are very often low in Lysine.
Muscle problems are common in sport horses, which have a greater need for vitamin E and selenium.
DIRECTIONS: Horses: 45 ml per day
Ponies: 25 to 30 ml per day
Vitamin E 50.000 IU
Vitamin C 40.000 IU
Selenium 35 MG
Lysine 200.000 MG
Ginseng extract 1000 MG
Certified non-doping product

- Size : 1 L

Data sheet

REKOR is a range designed by users for users. Your contacts are also horsemen. After 20 years of farriery for Marc and a career in international trade for Karine, the EPC company, distributor of the REKOR range, was created in 1992. Passionate about horse riding since always and after having practiced assiduously the CSO and the Concours Complet, in 2005 we set ourselves a new challenge "the endurance"! Individually we have progressed to run **(120km) & ***(160km) and along the way we have instilled our passion in our oldest daughter. After passing all her levels she had the pleasure to be selected in the French Youth Team and to participate in the European Championships in 2014. That's why we think we are able to advise you in the choice of your products because we draw our experience from the competition.

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