KEVIN BACON'S - Hoof Formula


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KEVIN BACON'S - Hoof Formula
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Hoof Formula

HOOF FORMULA is a nutritional supplement developed by specialists to improve the quality of horn, hair and skin.

It contains 37% highly digestible protein and is particularly rich in essential amino acids and sulphur amino acids such as methionine and cystine. It is therefore particularly suitable for sport horses on a high-energy grain-based diet.

HOOF FORMULA is probably one of the richest nutritional supplements in biotin (100mg/kg) and vitamin A (975000 Ul/kg). Associated with other vitamins (Vit PP, Vit Bc, Vit B12) playing a role in the synthesis of quality horn.

It also contains a high concentration of Calcium which helps to correct a possible imbalance. The other essential minerals (Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus) are also found in optimal proportion.

It is also a good source of calcium.

All these elements cannot play their role without a judicious contribution of trace elements, most of which act as co-factors. This is why HOOF FORMULA provides a significant amount of Copper, Zinc, Cobalt and Iodine.

Hence the need for a healthy diet.

Here's why HOOF FORMULA is a very high quality, optimal supplement that provides a balanced nutrient intake for all equines!

HOOF FORMULA is recommended for:

  • foals (6 months to 3 years): for a harmonious general development, especially of the skeleton and musculoskeletal system;
  • leisure and sport horses: in case of great efforts in training and competition;
  • breeding horses: for breeding and suckling mares, as well as for stallions during the breeding season;
  • convalescing horses: for optimal recovery;
  • older horses at rest: to resolve lack of appetite.

How to use:

Recommended daily dose:

  • Per 100 kg body weight: 1/4 dose 40 gr
  • Foal (6 to 18 months): 1/4 dose 40 gr
  • Pony 1/2: dose 80 gr
  • Horse 1 dose: 160 gr

Maintenance dose = half daily dose.

Packaging : 5kg bucket

Data sheet

Kevin Bacon’s is a family business that has been making a 100% laurel hoof dressing artisanally since 1984. Kevin Bacon's hoof dressing provides all the elements necessary for the good functioning of the hoof capsule and keeps your horses' feet in perfect condition. Over the years, close cooperation amongst researchers, farriers, veterinarians, and other professional contacts in the horse world has enabled us to develop a range of products with proven effectiveness. The excellent qualities of the raw materials that we have chosen to use in designing and making our products very quickly give visible results. The Kevin Bacon’s brand is recognised internationally. Indeed, our product range is well known to many horse lovers who are attuned to the difference that good care makes and it is widely used in professional circles by renowned trainers, riders, and breeders in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, the United States, Croatia, South Korea, New Zealand, and so on. Kevin Bacon, the universally-appreciated international show jumper who also goes by the moniker of the “Flying Australian”, decided to lend his name to our developing company, but that was already thirty years ago!

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