Privacy Policy

General provisions

Equi-Bride is committed to a global approach of respecting the confidentiality of personal data entrusted to it within the framework of its activity, including through the means of collection available from its website equi-bride. com.

As such, Equi-Bride is committed to using personal data in accordance with the directives of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data collection

The following forms are available to users of equi-bride. com, the following forms are available:

    • Customer account
    • Newsletter
    • Contact
    • Request for information

In each case, the information collected through these forms is strictly minimised to the needs of understanding the requests and elaborating the corresponding answers to the services offered. Outside of this context, no information is collected. Equi-Bride does not collect sensitive personal data.

Data processing

The nature of the processing reserved for the data collected from the website, is explicitly formulated on each collection page.

The information communicated is not subject to any other processing apart from that indicated on the collection page of the corresponding form.Equi-Bride does not carry out any automated processing or profiling from the data entrusted to it.

Equi-Bride does not subcontract the processing of personal data entrusted to it.

Data retention period

The retention period of personal data collected from the website is one year. This information is communicated on each page collecting information.

Personal data is deleted from our storage media no later than one year after the date on which it was provided to us.

Data sharing

Personal data transmitted to us from the website, are used exclusively by Equi-Bride within the framework of the services offered and are not transferred to any third party.


A request for consent is associated to each page or form of the website, likely to collect personal data. This consent request is materialized by an approval button qualified as opt-in. All consent requests are accompanied by a statement that informs that the user certifies that he/she is of age, and specifies the purposes of the data collection, the intended use, as well as the duration of the storage of the transmitted information.

By activating the "opt-in" button on one of these forms, the user consents by this unambiguous gesture, in a free and informed manner, to the communication of his or her information for a use strictly limited to the corresponding informative mention.

He is also warned, and the means are given to him on this same page, that he can at any time take back his consent, which would result in the deletion of his personal data by removing them from the processing for which, they were initially intended.

Users are also informed that if the opt-in buttons are not activated, no consent will be registered and no personal data will be transmitted.


The website, uses only technical cookies, useful for the functioning, and statistical cookies, which allow to evaluate the performance of the website. No geolocation, profiling, advertising or third party cookies are installed on the user's browser during his session.


Equi-Bride, through its site, and more particularly with regard to the personal data entrusted to it by its users, is very vigilant about the application of security.

The data flows that transit from the users' browsers, to the server, are protected by encryption, and secured thanks to an SSL certificate. The CMS that powers and administers the contents of the site, is subject to continuous corrective and evolutionary maintenance, to guarantee any flaw or security problem. Finally, the data-center and the server on which is hosted benefit from the best physical and software protections, from a permanent surveillance and monitoring. Users are informed that despite all reasonable security measures implemented, Equi-Bride cannot rule out the possibility of a malicious intrusion on its server that could not be thwarted. If this hypothesis were to be proven, Equi-Bride undertakes to notify the competent authorities within a maximum of 72 hours after estimating the breach following the intrusion, particularly if the violation of personal data was established.

Exercice des droits

Dans le cadre de la transparence et des modalités d’exercice des droits de la personne concernée, les utilisateurs de, qui communiquent ou nous ont communiqué des informations personnelles, sont informés qu’à tout moment ils peuvent exercer leurs droits sur les données personnelles qui les concernent, détenues par Equi-Bride.

À cet effet, nous mettons à leur disposition sur ce site la page “Exercez vos droits”. Depuis cette page, il est possible d’effectuer une demande pour :

  • Reprendre son consentement, faisant ainsi valoir son droit à la limitation du traitement.
  • Demander l’effacement de ses données personnelles, faisant ainsi valoir son droit à l’oubli.
  • Demander la rectification de ses données personnelles, en permettant de corriger une anomalie.
  • Demander la portabilité de ses données.

Dans le cadre de cette procédure, les utilisateurs sont invités à nous communiquer les informations nécessaires pour les rapprocher de leurs données personnelles stockées. Leurs demandes sont exécutées à l’issue du processus de vérification de leur identité, auquel ils sont conviés..

For any question relating to the protection of personal data and the exercise of rights*

If you are a customer, a prospect of Equi-Bride or a user of the site equi-bride. com, you can also send us your request by post to:


The controller

5 Rue de l'Eau Vive


* Concerning requests made by post for limitation, deletion, rectification or portability of your personal data, please accompany your request with proof of your identity: e.g. a copy of your national identity card, a copy of your passport or a copy of your passport. copy of the national identity card.