List of products by brand UVEX

Protecting: this has been the Uvex philosophy since 1926. Already a leader in the sale of helmets for skiing, cycling and motor sports, Uvex is gradually conquering the equestrian sports market. It now equips professionals, champions and amateur riders in all equestrian disciplines. Innovative manufacturing techniques, a prolific R&D department and decades of experience have enabled Uvex to achieve such a high level of quality and performance in its products. Its high level of quality is recognized worldwide, making Uvex the very symbol of safety. Ideal for safe riding, Uvex equipment is one of the essential products sold by Equi-bride, a store entirely dedicated to the world of horseback riding. You can find Uvex PERFEXXION helmets, Uvex EXXENTIAL helmets, Uvex Supersonic helmets and Uvex Commanche gloves.