List of products by brand KINGSLAND

At the initiative of a Norwegian high level competitor, Kingsland was created to offer riders riding clothes more adapted to the practice of this sport and especially of better quality. Thus, Kingsland offers riding outfits with a traditional look and colors while improving the cuts and materials. Kingsland has four seasonal collections as well as three permanent collections: the Kingsland Classic Collection, the Kingsland Classic Horse Gear Collection and the Kingsland Breeches Concept. These collections feature classic and timeless products for riders and hair that are never out of stock. Very quickly spotted by the big names in equestrianism, the Kingsland collections are now sold in more than 1,000 equestrian stores around the world. Equi-bride is one of the lucky ones by offering Kingsland polo shirts, Kingsland jackets, Kingsland socks, Kingsland handbags, Kingsland sweatshirts and many other Kingsland products for sale!