ALLIANCE ÉQUINE - Hydra'Mer rehydrating syringe

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ALLIANCE ÉQUINE - Hydra'Mer rehydrating syringe
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Discover Hydra'Mer, a rehydrating syringe specially designed for horses during training and competitions. This highly concentrated gel aims to prevent muscle aches, optimize muscle recovery and compensate for energy expenditure.

Hydra'Mer works effectively by activating electrolytic rebalancing and accelerating the elimination of toxins generated by intense effort, competition, transport, high heat, stress, etc. Practical and easy to use, it accompanies the athlete horse during all his travels, offering a quick action to allow him to regain his full potential.

The FOS prebiotics present in Hydra'Mer help the body cope with different types of stress such as intense stress, transport or temperature variations.

Potassium acts on muscle activity by increasing neuromuscular excitability. Magnesium is a muscle and nervous tonic that promotes energy. Calcium is essential for muscle contraction. Sodium is essential for vital functions, stimulating appetite and watering to allow the body to replenish its reserves.

Glycine facilitates the glycogenic function of the liver and acts as a detoxifier. Vitamin C, as an antioxidant, stimulates the tired body. It is often lost in large quantities during intense efforts or periods of stress. Sorbitol, known for its hepatoprotective action, helps the liver to eliminate waste from the body after an effort. Methionine, as a glucotrainer and antioxidant, detoxifies the liver.

The nutritional objective of Hydra'Mer is to compensate for the loss of electrolytes in case of excessive sweating, thus ensuring optimal hydration for your horse.


Work: After the test or work, administer half a syringe of Water'Mer in the morning and half a syringe in the evening.

Transport: On the day of transport, administer half a syringe of Hydra'Mer in the morning and half a syringe in the evening. Extend the use for 1 or 2 days if necessary.

Stress prevention: Hydra'Mer can be given to prevent any stress, such as a change of stable, weaning or separation of lots.


Make sure that clean water is always available for at least 20 minutes after administering Water'Mer.

Ideally, leave the water available for 1 hour.

In case of insufficient water consumption, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian.

Keep the product away from heat and light to preserve its quality.

No contraindications to the competition. Water'Mer is a dietary supplement


Vegetable glycerin, fructo-oligosaccharides, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, sorbitol, propylene glycol, potassium chloride, vegetable oil

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Alliance Equine is a French brand with expertise in the design of care products and nutritional supplements for horses. A specialist in phytotherapy, Alliance Equine is known for selling only natural food supplements and care products.

In addition to natural feed, your horse needs nutrients and minerals to support its sometimes stressful sporting performance. The judicious use of certain supplements is beneficial for horses suffering from various health problems. That's why Alliance Equine designs horse feed supplements to address your horse's behavior and stress, digestion, immunity, joints and muscles, as well as vitamin and mineral requirements. The aim is to provide natural solutions to enhance your horse's performance, recovery and reproduction.

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