Our stands

Your Equi Bride Saddlery is present all year round on the competition grounds of which we have been partners for many years and throughout France.

To be by your side, to follow and accompany you, from one competition to another, with a warm welcome is our motivation...

We are happy to share with you these moments of sport and good humor, the passion drives you...

On the side of the Stand of our Saddlery, you will find all the products you will need, technical and modern, advice, small attentions for your Horses and for you.

We are passionate and like to come to your meeting to exchange around our common and devouring passion.

Here, the next dates where we will have the pleasure to join you, with always more novelties!!!

Calendar of our Endurance race appearances.


From 3 to 4 => Landivisiau

From 9 to 11 => Barre des Cavennes

From 9 to 10 => Argentan

From 16th to 17th => Negrepelisse

From 29th to 2nd => Jullianges

From 30th to 1st => Corlay


From 6th to 7th => Brecey

From 13th to 15th => Brecey

The 22nd => Gréoux

The 26th to 29th => Monpazier


From 3 to 5 => Brandivy

From 15 to 19 => Florac

From 23 to 26 => Corlay


From the 5th to the 10th => Uzes

From the 13th to the 17th => Fontainebleau

On the 24th => Salin de Giraud


The 28th => Port saint Louis