ALLIANCE EQUINE - Imm'Oxy complement

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ALLIANCE EQUINE - Imm'Oxy complement
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Imm'Oxy is specially designed to help manage oxidative stress in horses, an imbalance between the production and destruction of free radicals. This process can occur in tissues as a result of chronic inflammation, intense and prolonged physical exertion, breeding stress or aging.

Oxidative stress weakens the body's antioxidant defenses, which can affect horses' vitality, performance and resistance to disease. When the production of free radicals exceeds antioxidant capacity, the damaging effects multiply.

En utilisant Imm'Oxy, vous pouvez améliorer la tolérance à l'effort de votre cheval et faciliter sa récupération, tant sur le plan musculaire que respiratoire. Il est recommandé notamment lors d'exercices intenses, où la production de facteurs pro oxydants est accrue.


To enjoy the benefits of Imm'Oxy, feed it directly into your horse's mouth or mix it into his daily ration.

The recommended dose is 25 mL a day, continuously.

Remember to shake the product thoroughly before each use to ensure even distribution of the active ingredients.


Imm'Oxy must be stored in a cool place, away from heat and light, to preserve its effectiveness.

Be sure to observe the appropriate storage conditions.

It is important to note that Imm'Oxy does not present any contraindications to competition.


Dextrose, salt

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Alliance Equine is a French brand with expertise in the design of care products and nutritional supplements for horses. A specialist in phytotherapy, Alliance Equine is known for selling only natural food supplements and care products.

In addition to natural feed, your horse needs nutrients and minerals to support its sometimes stressful sporting performance. The judicious use of certain supplements is beneficial for horses suffering from various health problems. That's why Alliance Equine designs horse feed supplements to address your horse's behavior and stress, digestion, immunity, joints and muscles, as well as vitamin and mineral requirements. The aim is to provide natural solutions to enhance your horse's performance, recovery and reproduction.

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