ALLIANCE EQUINE - Cica'Mer wound care cream

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ALLIANCE EQUINE - Cica'Mer wound care cream
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Discover Cica'Mer, Alliance Equine's wound care cream for horses. Formulated with clay with softening properties, this cream is specially designed to keep wounds supple and moisturized.

Versatile, Cica'Mer can be used on all types of wounds and cracks, offering a complete solution for the treatment of your horse's skin problems.

Thanks to its carefully formulated composition, this cream promotes healing and provides effective relief. It protects the skin while ensuring optimum hydration, creating an environment conducive to healing.

Its quality formula and versatility make it an indispensable ally in your equine first-aid kit.


Wash the wound thoroughly with clean water or use a recommended disinfectant soap.

Be sure to clean the affected area thoroughly.

Gently dry the wound with a clean towel or soft cloth. It's important to remove all moisture to promote better healing.

Apply a generous layer of Cica'Mer to the wound. Make sure you cover the entire wound surface evenly.

Repeat the application of the cream 2 or 3 times a day, as required, until the wound is completely healed.

Be sure to follow your veterinarian's recommendations or the specific indications for your horse's wound. 


Remember to store Cica'Mer in a cool place, away from heat and light, to preserve its properties and effectiveness.

In case of doubt, or if the wound shows no improvement, consult your veterinarian for professional advice and appropriate treatment.


Paraffinum liquidum (huile minérale), Petrolatum, Cera Alba (cire d'abeille), Lanoline hydrogénée, poudre de Maris Limu, oxyde de zinc, Citrus Limonum (huile de citron), Allantoïn.

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Alliance Equine is a French brand with expertise in the design of care products and nutritional supplements for horses. A specialist in phytotherapy, Alliance Equine is known for selling only natural food supplements and care products.

In addition to natural feed, your horse needs nutrients and minerals to support its sometimes stressful sporting performance. The judicious use of certain supplements is beneficial for horses suffering from various health problems. That's why Alliance Equine designs horse feed supplements to address your horse's behavior and stress, digestion, immunity, joints and muscles, as well as vitamin and mineral requirements. The aim is to provide natural solutions to enhance your horse's performance, recovery and reproduction.

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