ANTARES - Classic Eclipse Strass helmet

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ANTARES - Classic Eclipse Strass helmet
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The Classic Eclipse Strass helmet offers the perfect combination of alcantara and leather for its shell. The Classic collection stands out for its sober, elegant style, with an alcantara shell, black leather elements and chrome details. Its timeless design is combined with the comfort of a breathable helmet.

The Eclipse visor has been specially designed to meet the expectations of a feminine clientele. With its trendy yet elegant design, it takes its inspiration from women's hats to offer an accessory that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The width of the visor has been carefully studied to offer optimum protection against the sun's rays and the aggressions of the outdoor climate. However, this in no way hinders the field of vision, which remains essential whatever the equestrian discipline practiced. 

The helmet shell is made of ABS, a rigid, lightweight and scratch-resistant material. It plays an essential role in dispersing energy in the event of impact, ensuring optimum protection.

The padding, made of EPS (expanded polystyrene), absorbs impact energy by compressing. Its density varies according to the different helmet sizes, offering customized protection.

The helmet's air vents, comprising 4 front vents and 2 rear extractors, ensure optimum air circulation, improving thermal regulation.

The retention system, with its 3-point harness, ensures a secure hold of the helmet on the rider's head. Its Y-shape and nylon straps, combined with POM buckles, reduce helmet rotation for increased stability.

The top-of-the-range helmet pads, sold with the helmet, offer a perfect fit and optimum comfort by conforming to the shape of the rider's head. They are removable, hand-washable in warm water and OEKO-TEX® certified, guaranteeing impeccable hygiene.

Antarès helmets are handcrafted in the Antarès workshop in Sain

Conforming to European standards, this helmet guarantees rider safety during equestrian outings. It has been designed and tested to meet the most stringent safety standards. It carries the CE mark, attesting to its compliance with European safety standards. Finally, it has undergone rigorous testing and passed EN1384-2017 and VG1 01.040 2014-12 with flying colors. These standards establish essential safety criteria, particularly with regard to impact resistance and energy absorption.

The helmet visor complies with European standard EN1384-2017, with its flexibility preventing breakage and injury to the rider. In the event of deformation, the visor can be easily reshaped by hand.

The carefully designed helmet bag makes it easy to carry and protect your helmet. It features a large central pocket and a practical zipper for easy storage.

Choose the Classic helmet for style, comfort and safety in all your equestrian activities.

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For over 20 years, Antarès has been putting its expertise at the service of horses and riders. Based in Saintes in the Charente-Maritime region, its bespoke saddle workshop employs over 45 saddlers and harness makers. Antarès' mission is to protect traditional craftsmanship, but also to pass on French heritage and know-how: that's why it continues (and always will) to produce its saddles in France and by hand, in keeping with its values. See also our collection of Antarès bombs. 

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