ANTARES - Monostrap stirrup leathers

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ANTARES - Monostrap stirrup leathers
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Discover Antarès monostrap stirrup leathers, a wider option designed to offer improved comfort and stability for the rider.

Thanks to their specific design, these stirrup leathers allow better positioning and fixation of the rider's leg, ensuring optimal balance.

Their low buckle eliminates any awkward extra thickness under the crotch, providing perfect comfort for the rider's adductor muscle.

The edges of these stirrup leathers have been redesigned to limit wear on the saddle flaps.

What's more, the seams are embedded with a braided thread specially designed to resist abrasion, guaranteeing enhanced durability.

A large knife loop facilitates quick installation and removal of the stirrups.

"R" stirrup leathers correspond to the right stirrup leathers, while "L" stirrup leathers correspond to the left stirrup leathers.

Single-leg stirrup leathers are perfect for jumping saddles and fit all stirrup types. 

They offer extra comfort for the rider's adductor muscle, thanks to their loop-free mounting on the saddle's stirrup leathers, eliminating annoying over-thickness.

Their single-layer design prevents pinching of the thigh and ensures better contact between rider and horse.

By being wider than the previous model, these single-leg stirrup leathers enable better leg position and fixation, thus maintaining optimum balance.


Single-sided stirrup leathers are available in two elegant options: malt leather with beige stitching, or black leather with black stitching.

You can choose the one that perfectly matches your style and equipment. 


Clean your stirrup leathers after each use using glycerine soap and a damp sponge to preserve the leather's strength and suppleness.

Moisturize your stirrup leathers once or twice a month by applying leather balm to a clean cloth or sponge.

Soften your leather bridle once or twice a year using leather oil. Apply with a brush for optimum results.


Experience the superior quality of single-leg stirrup leathers carefully crafted from an alloy of leathers sourced in France. The reinforcing and protective breastplate is made of grained leather, while the side parts of the strap are made of smooth, supple leather.

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For over 20 years, Antarès has been putting its expertise at the service of horses and riders. Based in Saintes in the Charente-Maritime region, its bespoke saddle workshop employs over 45 saddlers and harness makers. Antarès' mission is to protect traditional craftsmanship, but also to pass on French heritage and know-how: that's why it continues (and always will) to produce its saddles in France and by hand, in keeping with its values. See also our collection of Antarès bombs. 

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