ABSORBINE - Magic Cushion Xtreme care paste

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ABSORBINE - Magic Cushion Xtreme care paste
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Discover "Magic Cushion Xtreme" concentrated hoof care paste. This special formula effectively reduces hoof overheating in just one hour and lasts for 24 hours, offering immediate relief from problems associated with shock and trauma. Thanks to its natural ingredients, this product acts quickly and lastingly to relieve sole and frog.

Thanks to its reactivity from the first hour after application, your horse will quickly feel the benefits. Magic Cushion Xtreme is formulated with all-natural ingredients, for an approach that respects both your animal and the environment.

It offers an effective and safe solution to alleviate problems associated with hoof shock and trauma.

Whether you need one-off use or prolonged application during the shoeing cycle, Magic Cushion Xtreme adapts to your needs. You can apply it directly under the shoe and sole, providing continuous protection for your horse's hooves.


Clean all hoof areas thoroughly with a hoof pick and stiff brush.

For safety reasons, wear gloves when applying Magic Cushion Xtreme due to its sticky texture.

Apply a 1.5 cm-thick layer of Magic Cushion Xtreme to the entire sole and fork.

If necessary, cover with paper or plastic film and use a self-adhesive strip to hold in place.

Repeat every 24 to 48 hours, if necessary.

Can be used with irons and plates.


Rosin, Turpentine, Natural leather fiber, Iodine.

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Absorbine is a renowned brand in the equine industry, specializing in high-quality horse care. For over 125 years, Absorbine has been committed to providing safe and effective solutions for the well-being of horses. Thanks to its heritage of innovation and passion for horses, Absorbine has become an essential reference, offering a range of products from veterinary liniments and insect repellents to hoof care and grooming products. By choosing Absorbine, horse owners can be assured of having a reliable partner to meet the needs of their equine companions.

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