ALLIANCE EQUINE - Blond Ointment foot grease

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ALLIANCE EQUINE - Blond Ointment foot grease
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Blond Ointment is specially designed to nourish, maintain and soften hooves with dry, brittle horn. This creamy ointment offers exceptional benefits. Its particularly creamy texture makes it easy to apply to horses' feet.

Formulated with natural raw materials, this ointment provides hooves with the nutrients essential for growth and the development of healthy, strong horn. Enriched with Laurel extract, fatty acids, essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), vitamins and many other beneficial components, it revitalizes feet, restoring suppleness and elasticity.

Each component of Onguent Blond plays a key role in hoof care. Axonge deeply nourishes the foot, promoting overall health. Oregano Essential Oil provides antioxidant, antiseptic and astringent properties, helping to maintain a healthy hoof environment. Flaxseed Oil, rich in omega 3 and 6, improves blood circulation and promotes faster horn renewal.


To use Blond Ointment, apply generously to your horse's hoof, frog and sole.

Depending on the condition of the horn, you can use it daily or 2-3 times a week.

Regular use is recommended, especially during the summer months, for optimum results.


L'Onguent Blond is for external use only.

Be sure to store it in a cool place, away from heat and light, to preserve its quality and effectiveness. 


Lauris nobilis extract oily macerate, Thymus capitatus essential oil

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alliance équine

Alliance Equine is a French brand with expertise in the design of care products and nutritional supplements for horses. A specialist in phytotherapy, Alliance Equine is known for selling only natural food supplements and care products.

In addition to natural feed, your horse needs nutrients and minerals to support its sometimes stressful sporting performance. The judicious use of certain supplements is beneficial for horses suffering from various health problems. That's why Alliance Equine designs horse feed supplements to address your horse's behavior and stress, digestion, immunity, joints and muscles, as well as vitamin and mineral requirements. The aim is to provide natural solutions to enhance your horse's performance, recovery and reproduction.

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