ALLIANCE EQUINE - Digest Plus complement

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ALLIANCE EQUINE - Digest Plus complement
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Digest Plus is a liver drainer specially designed for hepato-digestive conditions such as colic, constipation, inappetence, liver failure and liver overload. This dietary supplement contains essential ingredients to support liver function and promote healthy digestion.

Sorbitol, known for its beneficial action on biliary and pancreatic insufficiency, acts as a hepatoprotector by stimulating the secretion of digestive hormones.

Betaine is also a hepatoprotector that regulates lipid metabolism, while choline and methionine act in tandem to ensure adequate fat storage in the liver, making it an effective liver treatment.

Methionine also plays an essential role as a glucoformer and antioxidant, contributing to liver detoxification and optimal nutrition.

Magnesium, meanwhile, is an energetic cholagogue commonly used in digestive therapy.

Finally, yucca helps to improve the stall environment by reducing ammonia emissions in the litter. The nutritional aim of Digest Plus is to support liver function in cases of chronic liver failure.


To administer Digest Plus, you have two options: you can give it directly into your horse's mouth using a syringe, or mix it into his ration. 

For adult horses: 50 mL per day for 5 to 10 days.

For yearlings: 30 mL per day for 3 to 5 days.

For foals or ponies: 15 to 20 mL per day for 3 to 5 days.

If you plan to use Digest Plus for a prolonged period, or if you have any doubts, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian for professional advice.

Before each use, be sure to shake the product well to ensure even distribution of the active ingredients. 


Keep Digest Plus away from heat and light to preserve its effectiveness.

You can use Digest Plus without fear during competitions, as there are no contraindications.


Sorbitol syrup, magnesium chloride, yucca schidigera extract

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Alliance Equine is a French brand with expertise in the design of care products and nutritional supplements for horses. A specialist in phytotherapy, Alliance Equine is known for selling only natural food supplements and care products.

In addition to natural feed, your horse needs nutrients and minerals to support its sometimes stressful sporting performance. The judicious use of certain supplements is beneficial for horses suffering from various health problems. That's why Alliance Equine designs horse feed supplements to address your horse's behavior and stress, digestion, immunity, joints and muscles, as well as vitamin and mineral requirements. The aim is to provide natural solutions to enhance your horse's performance, recovery and reproduction.

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