ANTARES - DX endurance saddle

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ANTARES - DX endurance saddle
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The Antares DX endurance saddle is specially designed for endurance racing, offering a hollow seat that ensures maximum contact and optimum comfort throughout the race, whatever the distance covered.

It promotes a straight, upright riding position, reducing muscle fatigue and back problems.

The saddle's long, straight flaps provide excellent contact with the horse, enhancing communication and feeling between rider and mount.

The V-shaped girth system ensures optimum support of the saddle on the horse's back, guaranteeing stability during races.

The DX endurance saddle is based on a new-generation tree in reinforced laminated beech. This tree offers perfect shock absorption for the horse's spine, and great freedom of movement for the spine, promoting mobility.

Saddle-tree strength tests have been carried out by the French laboratory Tensyl, guaranteeing the quality and durability of the saddle-trees for 5 years.

The carefully selected leathers and panel design ensure optimum comfort for both horse and rider. Antarès Sellier leathers are guaranteed for 2 years, testifying to their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The DX endurance saddle is fully customizable, offering a wide choice of colors, stitching, rear beading and stirrup leathers. Quarters can be adapted to suit the rider's riding style and morphology. Panels are custom-made to fit the horse perfectly.

Trust Antarès Sellier for a quality DX endurance saddle, offering comfort, stability and customization to suit your preferences.


Care and maintenance are essential to preserve the longevity and suppleness of your single-quarter endurance saddle.

We recommend using a glycerine soap to clean the saddle after each use, followed by the application of a leather balm to moisturize it regularly.

Leather oil can be used once or twice a year to soften and nourish the leather.

It's important to choose care products suitable for aniline and to check their compatibility with your saddle's leather.

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For over 20 years, Antarès has been putting its expertise at the service of horses and riders. Based in Saintes in the Charente-Maritime region, its bespoke saddle workshop employs over 45 saddlers and harness makers. Antarès' mission is to protect traditional craftsmanship, but also to pass on French heritage and know-how: that's why it continues (and always will) to produce its saddles in France and by hand, in keeping with its values. See also our collection of Antarès bombs. 

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