List of products by brand MYLER

The Myler bit system was invented by three American brothers, who were looking for a softer and more efficient way to communicate with their horse's mouth. This system is based on the optimal comfort in the horse's mouth, so that the horse remains focused and relaxed. Due to the diversity of the anatomy, aptitudes and characters of the horses as well as the evolution in the work over time, there are about thirty different mouthpieces as well as a large choice of rings adapted to each horse and each rider. Since the horse is not able to speak, it communicates with its rider in two ways: by resisting or by relaxing. The main cause of resistance in the horse's mouth is pressure on the tongue, or on painful areas, caused by a bad mouthpiece. Myler bits are anatomical, some have small reinforcements at the joints to avoid any pinching. These bits have the particularity to move in the mouth in independent ways at the level of the branches, allowing to have a more precise action on each side of the horse